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What Our Users Say
Peter Leaver QC
One Essex Court
I have sat as an arbitrator in a number of cases at Maxwell Chambers. I have found the facilities to be excellent. From the moment that one arrives at Maxwell Chambers the staff make every effort to be helpful, and are unfailingly cheerful and welcoming. The facilities in the hearing rooms are very good. The rooms are light and airy and have good acoustics. All in all, I have found Maxwell Chambers to be the equal of any other arbitration facilities at which I have heard cases, and far better than most.
Lucy Reed
Who would not look forward to having an arbitration hearing at Maxwell Chambers? The physical facilities, the location and -- most important -- the welcoming and professional staff are absolutely world class. They have set the bar for others.
Andrea Carlevaris
Since the first time I visited it, I was impressed by Maxwell Chambers' efficiency, calm and professionalism. A great venue for arbitration hearings and institutions in Asia.
Ali Malek QC
3 Verulam Buildings
I have always been impressed with Maxwell Chambers. It provides world class facilities for hearings. Its staff is professional, cooperative and friendly. Its facilities and location in Singapore make it one of the best venues for a hearing of an international dispute.
Cavinder Bull, SC
Maxwell Chambers is really the gold standard in arbitration facilities and we are fortunate in Singapore to be able to practice international arbitration in such an excellent venue.
Gerard Forlin QC
I feel extremely fortunate to be a new tenant at Maxwell Chambers. Having spent part of my childhood years in Singapore, Maxwell Chambers represents, in my view, all that is excellent in Singapore - highly prestigious, efficient, helpful, charming, and in every sense global.
Tan Sri Dato' Cecil Abraham
I have arbitrated at various arbitration centres and in a number of countries and I must say that I find Maxwell Chambers the best arbitration centre at which I have arbitrated. The facilities are excellent, the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very supportive of arbitrators. I would not hesitate in recommending Maxwell Chambers as a venue to anyone who is looking for a centre to arbitrate.
Dr Colin Ong QC
Maxwell Chambers is undoubtedly the leading arbitration venue in the world. It has excellent state of the art facilities, support services and comfortable breakout rooms for arbitrators and counsel alike.
Gary Born
Maxwell Chambers and its staff set the standard for international dispute resolution venues. Their service and professionalism is unmatched.
Michael Hwang, SC
Michael Hwang Chambers
Maxwell Chambers has the unique feature of housing an abundance of international bodies and firms associated with arbitration. For those who are arbitration practitioners, the convenience of being next to SIAC and Maxwell's hearing rooms is obvious. Foreign arbitral institutions also find benefit in being able to interact and collaborate with other arbitration practitioners and institutions in the same building. All these elements lead to a synergy and a collegiality among the occupants of Maxwell Chambers which is difficult to emulate anywhere else in the world.